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[GUIDE] How To Implement New Business Software Successfully

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Choosing a software supplier is only half the battle.  This guide aims to support you through the process of software implementation, with a number of actionable tips to help ensure a smooth onboarding.

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7 Tips for Survival in a Competitive Training Industry

Each year, the training world seems to get just a little bit more competitive, doesn't it? That's certainly the view of 24% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report, who claimed that one of the biggest challenges to running a successful training business was increased competition. So, how can you combat against the rising tide of rivals?

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How To Increase Your Online Course Bookings Using Email

In this modern world of increasing competition, your sales and marketing function needs to be operating at maximum capacity in order to stand out above the crowd and get your courses filled. Increasing your online course bookings is certainly not easy. You’ve got all these valuable training courses on offer – but even for the largest organisations, raising awareness and spreading the word can often be a uphill battle. If you sell training courses online but struggle with your course promotion, this guide offers some helpful tips on how you can best utilise the immense opportunity that is email marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide To Training Management Software

Whether you're in search of a new training management system (TMS) or simply looking to learn more, this comprehensive guide will help you to understand the functionality and cost of a training management system, how a TMS compares to an LMS & CRM and what to expect during software implementation.

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LMS vs CRM vs TMS: Which Management System Will Benefit My Company?

In the modern world, there are literally hundreds of business systems and technologies that have the potential to help your training company. If you're unfamiliar with any of the terms in the title of the blog, it's worth having  a quick revision session on business system acronyms before continuing! This blog aims to outline the key differences between an LMS, CRM & TMS to help you find a system that best suits your training business. 

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The 4 Most Loved Areas Of A Training Management System

When it comes to searching for a new software solution for your training business, you'll often be met with an endless list of functionality from various suppliers, all of which has the potential to revolutionise your training company in some form. Particularly in the early stages, you'll more than likely come up with more questions than answers and find yourself sinking hours into comparison and review sites.

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Software Acronyms Explained: TMS, CRM, LMS, SaaS, ERP, CMS

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Another day, another acronym. The world of tech is rife with them. Do you know the difference between an LMS and a TMS?  Or how a CRM differs from an ERP?

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Dos And Don'ts When Attending Exhibitions: LearnTech 2020

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Learning Technologies is Europe's leading showcase of organisational learning and technology used to support learning at work. The exhibition consists of more than 200 free L&D seminars and 200 exhibitors across the main hall. The event will be held on 12th & 13th February at ExCeL London and accessplanit will once again be in attendance, exhibiting on stand M50.  It's all too easy when you head to a global L&D event such as Learning Technologies, to get lost in the noise and come away having not fulfilled your business objectives for the day. With this being our 13th year exhibiting at the event, we've picked up a number of helpful tips over the years. Without further ado, here's our Do's and Don'ts for Learning Technologies, this year.

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New Features Update: August 2019

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It’s been another month of big updates here at accessplanit; with our focus being on updates to our payment gateway integrations, to comply with the upcoming EU PDS2 regulations, While PSD2 isn’t required in the UK until 2021 - we have got in there early to make sure our customers are compliant and ready for the new secure online payment processes!

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4 Ways To Gain Internal Buy-In For Training Company Software

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Did you know, the biggest factor in successfully implementing Training Company Software, or any type of new business software within a company, is the level of support given to the person or team trying to implement it?

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