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7 Ways You Should Be Using Feedback To Enhance Courses And Grow Your Training Business

‘It’s all part of the learning curve.’ How many times have you heard that? And how many times does that curve descent into a flat-line because someone in your organisation failed to take into account precisely what it was that was learnt in the first place?

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Training Organisations

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What’s the difference between a good habit and a bad habit? Success. Witness some of the most productive training organisations in the world. These companies rarely grow due to some run of good luck; there’s more to it than blindly undertaking a routine pattern of behaviour. Rather, the top training companies have identified the habits that bring them the most success, and refined them to the Nth degree.

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What We Can Learn About Automation from Technology Leaders

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We may only be one month into the year, but already ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’ are fast becoming the buzzwords of 2017. And with good reason, since automated technologies are already revolutionising almost every aspect of our lives; at home, at work, at play…

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