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Dave Evans

Managing Director

Film: Point Break
Book: Behind the Cloud
Song: Molly Chambers
Place: Las Vegas
System Feature: Shopping Basket


Craig Dobson

Technical Director

Film: The Last Samurai
Activity: Aikido
Place: Lake District
Hero: Superman
System Feature: Workflow Engine



Rob Mulville

Software Developer

Film: Lilo & Stitch
Activity: Unplanned adventures
Food: Roast Dinner
Band: Zero 7
System Feature: Dashboard

Amy Evans

Finance Manager

Activity: Making & baking
Place: Glastonbury
Drink: Wine
Challenge: 3 young children
System Feature: Finance!


Andrew Flook

Head of Sales

Film: Goodfellas
Place: Anywhere sunny
Food: Curry
Challenge: Self-assembly furniture
System Feature: Workflows


Audrey Clark

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience

Film: As Good as it Gets
Song: Moondance
Place: Penang
Drink: Red wine
System Feature: User Portal


Rob Leack

Development Manager

Film: The Rock
Activity: Travelling
Place: Edinburgh
Food: Burritos
System Feature: Document Generator


Stuart Grice

Support Helpdesk Team Leader

Film: Dead Man’s Shoes
Activity: Gym
Place: Gym
Challenge: Squats
System Feature: Document Templates


Jenna Culshaw

Implementation Manager

Book: Invisible Monsters
Food: Thai
Hero: Wonder Woman
Pet: Snickers the rabbit
System Feature: Report Writer


Jamie-Lee Butterworth

Helpdesk Support Advisor

Film: Fight Club      
Activity: Playing guitar
Place: Home
Challenge: EVERYTHING!!!
System Feature: Logs

Chris Hotchkiss

Software Developer

Activity: Football
Place: Liverpool
Food: Chicken
Drink: Lime & Soda
System Feature: Dashboard


John Thornley

Senior Developer

Film: Local Hero
Activity: Sailing
Food: Curry
Hero: Fred Dibnah
System Feature: Viability

Archit Bhardwaj

Software Developer

Film: Saving Private Ryan
Activity: Cricket
Place: Havelock Islands
Food: Aloo Paratha
System Feature: Shopping Basket


Hannah Churchman

Marketing and Management Systems Manager

Place: Dublin  
Activity: Travelling
Food: Mexican
System Feature: Dashboard


Joe Nixon

Business Development Manager

Song: Ty Segall - Thank God For Sinners
Film: Delicatessen
Place: Brisighella, Italy
System Feature: Workflows


Phillip Ryan

Business Development Manager

Food: Anything Thai! 
Drink: Coffee 
Activity: Sightseeing
Challenge: Household chores
System Feature: Document Templates

Tony Sharples

Software Developer

Book: A Storm of Swords
Song: Karm Police
Activity: Video Games
System Feature: User Interface

Simon Davies

Software Developer

Book: Lord of the Rings
Activity: Hiking
Hero: David Attenborough
Challenge: Moving to USA
System Feature: XCRI exporter

Louise Lyon

Customer Success Manager

Film: Home Alone
Place: Disney
Drink: Malibu
System Feature: Smart Grids


Matthew Smalley

Customer Success Manager

Film: Shawshank Redemption
Activity: Football
Place: Dublin
Drink: Gin
System Feature: Dashboard 

Lins Obazee

Software Tester

Film: Donnie Brasco
Activity: Football
Food: Eba and Egusi Soup
Music: Hip Hop and Afro Beat

Helen Collins

Support Helpdesk Advisor

Film: Shawshank Redemption
Activity: Spontaneous days out
Place: York
System Feature: Course Booking

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