Training on training course management software

The implementation of an accessplanit training course management software system is only the start of our relationship with you.

Training is an essential part of implementation.  Clients who fully understand the system maximise the benefits, and without exception, work with us to exploit the system’s capability introducing additional automation to improve administration processes.  It’s our priority to ensure that you fully understand how to get the most value from your system.
“In a recent customer survey training content and delivery was rated very highly with over 90% scoring this as good/excellent.”

Our highly qualified trainers begin by gaining a full understanding of your key objectives and desired outcomes from the system.   Using this knowledge a training programme is designed which includes user roles and functions to ensure assigned users gain a full and in-depth understanding of how the system will enhance their role.  Users will leave the course feeling confident and enthusiastic, empowered by their understanding of the system. Trained confident system users and administrators:-

  • Continue to streamline processes over time
  • Explore new ways to bring added benefits to the business
  • Improve ROI year on year
  • Use additional time to benefit the business
  • Use reports to provide powerful business intelligence

Training can take place at your offices, or off-site to suit your needs and the location of your teams.  For newcomers to your team, we can offer a one-off training session to bring them up to speed with the system.   Another option is on-line training which can be delivered in a number of ways:- 

  • One to one with a member of the support team
  • Team training on specific elements of your system such as Booking, CRM or Finance
  • Scheduled webinars with focus on individual system features and how to introduce additional functionality into your processes.

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